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Curry Sultan aims to provide delicious…

…home style Indian food, the way your mom cooked at home evoking beautiful childhood memories!
Have you ever been afraid to try Curry and think its heavy or too spicy? In-spite of the fact Curry is good for you prevents inflammation, cancer (according to a recent statistic 50% of men and 30% of women are sure to get cancer in their life ), Alzheimer’s, ..

We cook fresh so that you don’t have that stone-in-the-stomach feeling!

Do you consider yourself to be somebody who is adventurous and likes to try new things? Then come on in!

The Curry Sultan story, the first branch began in Monterrey, Mexico more than ten (10) years ago; thanks to a job transfer which took the Chef from Australia to Mexico. First only serving meals to go in 2009 and then from 2010 on-wards in a small yet cozy location at the heart of old San Pedro, the poshest neighborhood in Monterrey.

Curry Sultan introduced delicious Indian food to the Mexican audience bringing words like Samosa, Naan to the exacting Mexican taste buds and has been well critiqued by food critics from the newspaper El Norte.


Curry Sultan has been ranked one of the top restaurants in Monterrey 10 years in a row

Please check out the reviews by food critics Cony DeLantal and G.L.Othon (not their real names but their pseudonyms!) http://tinyurl.com/omrtnaf and http://tinyurl.com/3webvde and also Tripadvisor http://tinyurl.com/c4w38zd

However, we don’t wish to rest on our past laurels as the Chef firmly believes you are good only as your last meal! The Chef is an Indian-American, Russell Ramaswamy who is more a citizen of the world having lived and worked in the US, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico and speaks five languages among them Spanish and Portuguese.

His family epitomizes the new globalized world as each person was born a different country, his ex wife in Caracas, Venezuela, son in Chicago, USA, daughter in Monterrey, Mexico and he in Madras, India.

Tandoori Chicken
Samosas with mint cilantro chutney
Rice Pilaf
Gajar Halwa

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